The 2024 season kicked off on a very pleasant, if a little cool afternoon at Ashmore Park with Wednesfield hosting Round One after a late switch from the fixtured Birmingham venue. A great job done by the Wolverthampton club at very short notice, for which we are very grateful. Once again the hosts provided a very nice tea party for their guests at Ye Famous Gilbert's Bar.

Turnout was low and there was no hiding our disappointment, but we hope for better things as the season progresses. Thanks to Pete Sadler and Geoff Gamage for Pits Marshalling duties, Norman Venson for Refereeing splendidly and Tom Bewick doing a great job on the horn..

The Young Folks group has undergone a change for 2024, and we now use the Over 35 category rather than Over 35 AND Over 40 as our yardstick for entry, and we will entertain younger riders and of course Women's racing as and when necessary.

One other item worthy of mention following long discussions over gate exclusions for a few years is that the majority of those present today, which must be fairly if not totally representative of the Sport, have decided that we Euro-Vets will adopt a non-exclusion policy if at all possible, the penalty for movement being a rerun with the guilty party having to start with BOTH FEET FLAT ON THE GROUND. Not everyone aqreed, but it was a democratic decision.

As always, corrections and omission fixes welcomed!

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