Another wonderfully warm day at Lower Dicker Recreation Ground but a slightly disappointing turnout saw this one go ahead with two 9-man formats for the age categories.

Before I go anywhere trying to recall some of the racing I must once again commend the ladies who did a sterling job providing the after-meeting buffet and of course the track and surrounds looked super as usual. I always forget to mention hard working Neil Hollebon who was just about a one-man-band looking after not just the refereeing but also the somewhat troublesome starting gates under quite a bit of pressure. I should probably offer a bigger "Thank You" than usual to the Hellingly club who had not only us Euro-Vets to contend with today but a skirmishing horde from Norwich arriving spasmodically who would race the Lions the very next day - busy weekend for any club.

Anyway, here's the nitty-gritty. I do have a few videos to display when I get time and hopefull they'll jog my memory a bit in case no-one else reports the proceedings. (and apologies for no Newport saga yet).



Just quickly - Dave Hemsley and Paddy Wenn really shone through the heats looking very quick on what we all know is a famously tricky track to master and an even harder one to go fast on! Of course it's way too early to start picking winners but after maybe half the scheduled events we'll have a better idea as it's then a little easier to see the likely candidates after dropping their lowest score. Meantime in the Over 40s Dave, Steve, Craig and Mark are making the early running with consistently high scoring, while Steve, Norman andd Paddy have opened a slight gap in the Over 50s. Colin remains the only unbeaten rider after three rounds comfortably heading up the Over 60s and running very well in the 50s too.