A very warm day saw the hard-pressed track waterers defeated by the almost windless heat and intermittent bursts of sunshine as the Euro-Vets GP descended on Hearsall Common for Round Four of the 2018 series. Although there were several regulars missing there were a few debutants to compensate for that, led by (I believe!) our first Polish entrant, Coventry's just-turned-40 pocket rocket Dominik Rychardski and Great Blakenham superstar Jason Ashford in the Junior class; Wayne Tipton in the Over 50s and southern duo Rob Haywood and Les Stevens in the Big Lads group. Mother Nature really gave the Over 60s a boost today, got to be the ultimate growth area for Veteran racing!

In case I don't get a chance to recall any more detail I'll just offer my usual thanks to all at staging club Coventry, thank you so much for your efforts.

And I should mention some outstanding performances, easier to list them:

Dominik Rychardski - Wow, he hardly got off his seat.
Mark Winwood - That flat-out clash with the fence did nothing to slow him down.
Rob Geach - again Mister Entertainment with his dashing dives.
Jason Keith - one day his first bends/first few laps will get him a better reward.

Dave Frith - total mastery in the heats, deserted by Lady Luck in the Final.
Steve Harris - displaying endless energy once again in both age groups.
Paddy Wenn - Luck of the Irish? No way, sheer determination to the flag.
Graham Kemp - massive effort in every race, superb.

Paul Timms - lightning out of the gate as always, the absolute class of the Over 60s.

There were of course many other highlights, I hope the videos will show a few but as I'm taking a few days off it could be a while before they are ready.