I'll have to wait until my brain has had a refresh from my video camera to recall much of the meetting (unless I can steal a repoort from anyone???) so here are the revised tables for now. 

***as usual, I welcome any corrections you need me to make! 






Now I'm not one to nitpick, but I'm not one to keep my trap shut either. So once again I need to voice (quietly and adfter some deliberation) my disapproval of including "Non-Classified" riders in our matches where they are mingled with the E-V Fraternity (OK to give them their own races, no objection to that, and I appreciate why we would want to). This time it transpired that Mr Geach dropped a point he normally would not have in heat 6 of the Over35/40 match. This did indeed cost him a place in the "A" Finals, and as probably one of the three fastest riders on the day, and certainly the most entertaining to watch, this would have been a crime had he been contesting the overall Grand Prix positions.

That's Numero Uno out of the way.

Next up, gate exclusions. You'll be well aware by now I started a rule change debate on our Facebook page following such an incident in this meeting and I sure hope we can do something to limit the damage. Even those of us who may only turn out once a year are surely entitled to be allowed to compete after potentially travelling the length and breadth of the Country and I'll keep whinging and pressing for change until we make one. I don't want to be the provider of the final decision, but my 2 pen'orth is that the race should be rerun until the Ref is satisfied all was fair, and without exclusion.