Sorry I've been away for a few days since the Exeter meeting so I've borrowed this from 3318news. Meantime here are the programme and overall results sheets. And thank you Kev Greaves and Fred Rothwell for pointing out a few omissions, all such offers responded to!

The Euro-vets GP Series hit Devon this weekend, with Exeter staging an entertaining afternoon of veteran racing.

It was the new European veteran Champion Craig Marchant who completed a great week by topping the score-chart, before winning the Over-40’s Final from Birmingham’s Mark Winwood.

Marchant’s only defeat of the afternoon came at the hands of Northumbria’s Jason Keith who rode a perfect line to keep the Leicester rider on his shoulder in heat 12.

Local favourite Rob Geach had a mixed day, and provided his usual share of thrills and spills. However he was successful in holding off Jason Keith, after a great battle, to take third place in the Over-40’s Final.

Current World Veterans Champion Norman Venson was relegated to 2nd place in the Over-50’s Final, after his Leicester club mate Dave Frith executed a fine pass, whilst Exeter’s Dave Murphy clinched third place in an exciting race.

Welsh Ace Colin Simmons, from Newport, took victory in the Over-60’s Final despite the efforts of local rider Andy Collett, with Northumbrian Terry Kirkup finishing 3 rd .

Craig Marchant 19, Mark Winwood 18, Norman Venson 18, Dave Murphy 15, Jason Keith 15, Dave Frith 14, Colin Simmons, 14, Andy Collett 14, Rob Geach 13, Terry Kirkup 12, Steve Clarke 10, Jim Collier 9, Kev Greaves 7, Chris Ward 7, Fred Rothwell 7, Ash Patterson 5.

Over 40 A Final: 1st Craig Marchant, 2nd Mark Winwood, 3rd Rob Geach
Over 50 A Final: 1st Dave Frith, 2nd Norman Venson, 3rd Dave Murphy
Over 60 A Final: 1st Colin Simmons, 2nd Andy Collett, 3rd Terry Kirkup