A beatiful afternoon for racing as Heckmondwike CSC presented the 2023 Grand Finale sponsored by sponsor

Dare I say it, it felt a bit too warm at times! Well done to Darren Kent and his team of helpers from the Yorkshire League/Northern League Division Two club. And thanks to Mick Knowles for stepping in to referee the meeting, good to see our old travelling buddy again.

It's a shame that since Covid and the cost of living hikes hit we've suffered as an organisation (for want of a better word) with depleted numbers, and we had expected a few more participants than we got today. It's rumoured there were quite a few watching who could perhaps have jumped on a bike for the day and made ago of it, shame! One regular who wanted to be here but was forced out with a sudden health problem was Leicester's Nicky Whitehead, and I'm sure you'll all want to with join me in passing on our best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. 

Anyway, congratulations first to our Dynamic Duo, 2023's dual Champions, Poole's Phil Gard and Horspath's Lukasz Nowacki on their incredible unbeaten tallies in the Over 50s and 60s, and Over 35s and 40s respectively, truly outstanding and thus far I think unique performances from these two. And also to our first ever E-V Womens Champion, Leicester's Lucy Whitehead.


Before I get to blather on a bit with whatever the old brain cell can recall, here are the important bits:- the Final Tables


Women's Results



3540 Results

And todays's match programmes


Women's Final

3540 Programme