Eurovets was back today and this time it was the turn of Hull to host the series. Here’s who finished where…

Over 40’s A Final
1st Mark Winwood – Birmingham
2nd Jason Keith – Northumbria
3rd Jason Burke – Sheffield
4th Martin Hollebon – Hellingly

Over 40’s B Final
1st Pete Chant – Southampton
2nd Dave Meanley – Wednesfield
3rd Mick Knowles – Sheffield
4th Eddie Ridley – Hellingly

9th Jim Collier – Swindon
10th Gregg Brown – Hull

Over 50’s A Final
1st Paul Timms – Birmingham
2nd Terry Kirkup – Newcastle
3rd Paul Hemmings – Wednesfield
4th Steve Hodgkinson – Birmingham

Over 50’s B Final
1st Joe McLaughlin – Coventry
2nd Paul Dyson – Bury
3rd Fred Rothwell – Pedal Sport
4th Jim Graham – Northumbria

9th Paul Fisher – Sheffield

Over 60’s A Final
1st Terry Kirkup – Northumbria
2nd Fred Rothwell – Pedal Sport
3rd Jim Graham – Northumbria