I'm a long way behind updates (already, after just two meetings!) so please bear with me. Currently there are a good few videos and photographs (thank you Charlie Chimp, Ian Johnson, Nicky Whitehead and others!) being published on Social media so the lack of actual reports on here should be less of an issue. I'm finding it so hard now to remember all the action so apologies for the lack of words. Some would say that's a good thing!


Craig Marchant once again proving unassailable in the Over 35s and Over 40s.

A second poor turnout, against expectations, especially in the lower age groups.

Well done to Luke Morton, Mark Grantham, Rich Pawson and Shane Gray for joining the fray.

Excellent raffle by the Hull club raising around 50 quid for Orchid. Superb.

68 year old CS returnee Frank Auffret, ex-motor speedway racer, joined the Hull club this year after a solid 50 years out of the Sport and under the guidance of teammate Andy Angell has made himself something of a force in the Over 60s and also in the North & Scotland League. A great pass in the "A" Final saw him take his first overall victory in front of adoring home fans. Well done indeed young man!


Meanwhile here are the charts from Round Two at a pristine, beautifully prepared Hull, and many thanks to Andy Schofield and his squad of assistants for hosting a match this season.