Somehow we managed to reached the Grand Finale in this much curtailed racing season (due to the Covid-19 global pandemic) at the beautifully prepared Wednesfield Aces'  circuit in Ashmore Park. Massive thanks to the staging club for their magnificent efforts in preparing for our closing event.

In the Over 35s Lukasz Nowacki claimed top spot for 2021, Kev Burns runner-up after making LN work for it, and the oh-so consistent Mark Winwood third.

The Over 40s saw the same two on the top steps while Nicky Whitehead squeezed into third spot after today's results.

Top two in the Over 50s looks a bit familiar, Norman Venson adding yet another title with teammate Dave Frith second and World Champion Paddy Wenn third. Bit of a seasonal swing here with Lady Luck at times deserting Paddy but for once not crippling Dave's performances.

The Over 60s was claimed by Chris Ward after a disappointingly inconsistent entry list over this strange season, but he never missed a meeting all year and clocked up some big mileage.

Local hero Chris Jewkes made his E-V debut and was simply stunning on home turf (no, the track was not covered in grass cuttings!).

And much credit to our Deep South buddies from Exeter and Poole who made the long haul up for this one, great to see you all.

Edit* how remiss of me, I forgot to say "Get Well Soon" to poor Matt Davis who'd hardly turned a wheel at the Newport round before falling and breaking his wrist - rotten luck. We hope to see you back and racing next year.


Overall Podiums:  35s-40s-50s-60s

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Final 2021 Results Charts - once again, please let me know if you spot any anomalies! e-mail to terry at eurovets dot uk or on our FB page.


Meeting sponsor Steve Mullinder, aka Dash Trophies, prepares the awards while "Burtie" Burt is already getting the track ready for Season 2022!



About the 2021 Grand Prix Series

TeeKay's footnotes

We saw an absolutely excellent bunch of returnees to the Sport, all with something to offer and all extremely welcome to  "The Family".  I say again, there's no escape from getting older, so we simply must be THE ultimate growth area for Cycle Speedway! (and word is that there are new bikes being prepared for even more such bodies next year!).

The amazing Lukasz Nowacki went through the card, 12 Over 35/Over40 "A" Finals ridden, 12 won! He was also the only ever-present Over 35/40 entrant.

Leicester's dynamic duo, Dave Frith and Norman Venson, were ever-present in the Over 50s.

Chris Ward was the sole ever-present in the Over 60s.

Once again the final match of the season decided a couple of final podium places.

In the Over 60s Dave Murphy and Steph Whitehead won every round they competed in.

Some tremendous racing in the final round and although I haven't had time to check oput my videos yet (if the thing worked) I will post a few up when time allows.

Jason Keith ended one of the longest unbroken runs in the Series from 2014 to date when he broke his shoulder in the Will Burns Pairs at Leicester.

Someone, who shall be nameless, was most embarrassingly presented with the Chic Mackie Annual Award for Good Sportsmanship and Gentlemanly Conduct On and Off the Track after the match, and he still doesn't know why. But he is very grateful to the decision makers.

And finally, 

A one-legged man and 36-17 do not work around Wednesfield. I could console myself with the thought that I won the non-existent Over 70s, but if there'd been anyone else there I wouldn't have!



The Finals:


Some of the main match heats will follow...