A damp, drizzly afternoon at Ashmore Park saw a surprisingly poor turnout for Round Six with the Over 40s having only seven riders, and that lowly figure including new entrant, Leicester's Craig Whitehead to give it an unexpected boost. A bit mystifying why the turnout was so low and tentative early plans to stage the bulk of the 2019 rounds in the Midlands in order to reduce travelling for the majority may well now come under review. Even E-V Ambassador and current Champion Craig Marchant's pleas for better Vets support didn't produce the anticipated reaction from his own age group, and indeed although there were thirteen 50s and 60s we had expected a full house for this one after the "awayday" at Exeter.

Unsurprisingly the top scorers provided the highlights with both Craig and fellow Leicester Monarchs Norman Venson and Dave Frith, Birmingham's Mark Winwood and Norwich Star Paddy Wenn leading the way. Brummie Paul Timms and Newport legend Colin Simmons were the pick of the crop in the Over 60s section. Once again Exeter's Rob Geach provided plenty of excitement.

Thanks to host club Wednesfield Aces for their usual impeccable track preparation and meeting presentation. I'd also like to say a huge personal Thank You to my old rival Mick Aris who popped out of his premature Euro-Vets retirement for this his home round and as unfit and smashed to bits as he is put in a super effort. Great to be in the same meeting as Mick again although the tale he related to me of his terrible arm damage left me shivering.