So sorry for the delay Gentlemen but I had a double date with CS this weekend, first in Wales, second in Scotland. Anyway for now here is the match programme from a dry and sunny Newport!

This format did finally prove somewhat controversial as it appeared to "punish" one of the oldest riders present who was most vociferous in his condemnation of it during and after the match, and potentially still as I write this! Unfortunately because of the poor turnout once again of Over 34/40 riders our hard working mentor Fred Rothwell was forced to come up with something to give a decent spread of rides to everyone. This left poor Frank Auffret, a definite Over 60 title contender, having to face more of the younger riders than his pensioner peers. Of course it could have been anyone with the luck or otherwise of the draw but it hasn't helped the title chase much, and there's a lot of sympathy for the speedy returning Yorkshireman.

Please point out any cockups if you find them :)