What a great turnout for the start of the 2022 Grand Prix Series! Well done to all who attended, Commiserations to Alan Busby who was injured (and anyone else who may have been) and apologies from not just me, but the compact Geordie fraternity who weren't represented at all at this one.

The start of the 2022 Eurovets took place at Horspath on Easter Saturday a very hot day some notable riders missing theu injury or family commitments but still had an very healthy 33 entrants across the four categories. British Champ Mark Boaler graced the O35 along with returning Hammer Steven Beesley , some old and new faces throughout the other cats too. Lukasz Nowacki was on flags due to a shoulder injury plus a rare miss for Norman Venson with Paul Share injured too and stalwart Dave Frith retired. [Editor - no way, surely!]
There were 14 in the O35/O40 category Boaler getting 19 dropping a point to his training partner Beesley then a log jam with Beesley Burns Marchant and Wheeler some impressive riding throughout a special mention to both Toby Millen and Lukasz Kazmarek.
Qualifying scorers
Mark Boaler 19 Kevin Burns 17 Steven Beesley 17 Craig Marchant 16, Gavin Wheeler 16, Toby Millen 14, Lukasz Kazmarek 13 Nicky Whitehead 13, Steve Harris 12, Mark Winwood 11, Craig Whitehead 10, Mark Whitehead 10, Andy Yard 10, Matt Davis 9.
O35 A Final result
Boaler, Burns, Beesley, Marchant
O35 B Final result
Wheeler, Millen, Kazmarek , N.Whitehead,
O40 A Final result
Marchant, Burns, Wheeler, Millen
O40 B Final result
Kazmarek, Harris, Winwood, N.Whitehead
The 50/60 categories were ran over two formulas a 12 and a 9 with the now infamous extra playing card races! Steve Paver breezed through the 12 card with a 20 point max whilst Paddy Wenn was doing same on the 9 until the extra race running a last.whilst Lee Galley only dropped one point to him to top that chart on 19 the very impressive Lee Ashman also got 19 in the 12 card whilst the canny Steve Harris bagged 18 enough for the A final pipping another impressive rider Ray Pyke on 17 who was joined by Dave Murphy, Glyn Morgan and Paddy Wenn on that total from the 9 card.
Qualifying scores O50/ 60
Rd A (12) Steve Paver 20, Lee Ashman 19, Steve Harris 18, Ray Pyke 17, Paul Timms 16, Andy Collett 15, Stuart Marsh 14, Dave O'Callaghan 13, Steff Whitehead 12, Martin Glover 11Paul Matthews 10.
Rd B (9+) Lee Galley 19, Dave Murphy 17, Glyn Morgan 17; Paddy Wenn 17, Andrew Coombers 13, Neil Power 13, Allan Busby 12, Chris Ward 11.
O50 A final result
Harris, Galley, Ashman, Paver
O50 B Final result
Wenn, Murphy, Pyke, Morgan
O60 A Final result
Morgan, Pyke, Timms, Murphy
O60 B Final result
Collett , S.Whitehead, Ward (Busby dns)
Referee Lee Clarke (Horspath)