Full report by Geoff Gamage. Photos by Kevin Wells.
Spix3 800
The reopening of Spixworth Cycle Speedway in glorious Norfolk sunshine, the track looking a picture no one could believe its been dormant so long. 23 gladiators took to the track in the two formats O35/40 and O50/ 60 clearly having been locked down since 2019 the guys left nothing in the pits with some blood n guts racing on a track built for it.
Spix2 800
As early as ht3 in the younger catergory Lukasz Nowacki stormed off 3 but could get round the famous Craig Marchant elbow for the English Vets skipper to take the win.both Alan Nation and Toby Millen were causing surprises. Paul Timms had a bad crash in his 2nd having to miss his 2rd too. Paddy Wenn also in the same race having to succumb to Dave Frith. Dave n Norman Venson unbeaten after three in the older group. The expected leading protagonist Marchant, Winwood and Nowacki were heading the younger group but under close pressure from Toby Millen and Leigh Cossey. Alan Nation with some blistering starts was up there with the top two. With Paddy Wenn recovering from his trip to the fence in close contention of Norman and Dave. Come their clash a typical Stormin' Norman ride saw him swoop under Dave. Soon it was 38 heats done scorers were
O35/ 30
Craig Marchant 19, Lukasz Nowacki 19, Mark Winwood 18, Toby Millen 16, Leigh Cossey 15, Nicky Whitehead 15, Ben Loombe 13, Steve Perkins 12, John Evans 12, Craig Whitehead 12, Lukasz Kazmarek 12, Dave Strong 11,
Norman Venson 20, Dave Frith 19, Alan Nation 18, Paddy Wenn 16, Lee Ashman 15, Rob Haywood 15 Andrew Cumbers 14, Steve Nation 13, Chris Ward 11, Paul Timms 9, James Collier 9.
035 AFinal
1st Nowacki, 2nd Marchant 3rd Winwood 4th Millen
O35 B Final
1st Cossey 2nd Perkins 3rd Loombe 4th N.Whitehead.
O40 A Final
1st Nowacki 2nd Marchant 3rd Whitehead 4th Millen
O40 B Final
1st N.Whitehead 2nd C.Whitehead 3rd J.Evans 4th Perkins
O50 A Final
1st Venson 2nd A Nation 3rd Wenn 4th Frith nf
O50 B Final
1st Ashman 2nd S.Nation 3rd R.Haywood 4th Cumbers
A final
1st Timms 2nd Ward 3rd Haywood.
Thanks to Paul Jay referee
Kevin Wells first aid
Spix1 800
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