Another healthy turnout for the Over 50s and 60s but a slightly subdued juvenile entry this time on a beautiful day in the West Midlands.

I look forward to unearthing someone else's report as I've probably forgotten most of it already! Anyway, herewith the programme and stats sheets.

Big shout out (I think that's the popular phrase) to Andrew Yard, Paddy Wenn, Glyn Morgan, Steve Copping and Ray Pyke for putting the miles in to join us today in these difficult and expensive times for leisure travel. 

With more than a little "unusual" activity on the track today I think a timely reminder may be in order that we are, or at least we aspire to be, the Gentlemen of Cycle Speedway who should really be setting an example for those who follow. A couple of startling events today didn't quite fit our mould and one or both could have resulted in injury to onlookers, not good at all.

On a lighter note it was great to see our Main Man Fred Rothwell back racing today after a lengthy layoff with his ankle trouble, looking like a spritely 40 year old again :). He'll be more than encouraged to have beaten the current Champion today. Series returnee, former British Vets Champion and World No 2 Gavin Parr, now elevated to the Over 50s, made a stunning 2022 debut and we hope to see more of him in this year's competition too. And homester Chris Jewkes amply demonstrated his mastery of the Ashmore Park track with a stunning performance for the locals to cheer.

On a personal note it was great to have a bit of speed back but as I approach the first anniversary of my shattered thigh and hip bones I've had to accept my once half-decent gating days are over, however I enjoy the chase probably more than ever now and sure did today.



Geoff Gamage takes up the story:

The Euro Vets circus rolled into Ashmore Park Wednesfield Saturday 11 35/40and 16 50/60. Craig Marchant and Lukasz Nowacki tied on 19 in the younger category with home fav Chris Jewkes a point behind Mark Winwood and Kev Burns notched 16 whilst O35 Horspath rider slipped off leading his final ride and out of the finals Polish Monarch Lukasz Kazmarek taking that win capping another fine performance qualifying scores C. Marchant 19, L. Nowacki 19, C. Jewkes 18, M. Winwood 16, K. Burns 16, L. Kazmarek 14, A. Yard 13, M. Whitehead 13, S. Beesley 12, C. Whitehead 11, S. Copping 10
O35 A Final
Jewkes, Nowacki, Marchant, Winwood
O35 B Final
Burns, Kazmarek, Yard, M. Whitehead inj ns
O40 A Final
Nowacki, Marchant, Winwood, Burns
O40 B Final
Yard, Kazmarek, M. Winwood inj ns, C. Whitehead ns
The older categories saw Lee Galley hold off Gavin Parr in the opening race both finished on 19 with Galley losing to the speedy Lee Ashman who reeled off four race wins ending on 18, Paddy Wenn and Paul Timms bagging 16, Glyn Morgan and Chris Betts on 14, and Allan Busby looking smart on 13. Ray Pyke scoring steadily for a vital 12 in the final reckoning. Qualifying scorers L.Galley 19, G. Parr 19, L. Ashman 18, P. Wenn 16, P. Timms 16, G. Morgan 14, C. Betts 14, A. Busby 13, J. Evan 12, R. Pyke 12, S. Marsh 11, T. Kirkup 8, P. Sadler 8, C. Ward 7, F. Rothwell 7, S. Whitehead 6
O50 A FInal
Parr, Wenn, Ashman, Galley f
O50 B Final
Betts, Timms, Busby, Morgan
O60 A Final
Pyke, Morgan, Timms, Busby
O60 B Final
Kirkup, Sadler, Rothwell, Ward

Image courtesy of Andy Whitehouse:

Yes, that is 2017 Over 60s Champion Phil Hemming in the back row, just visiting today and thankfully recovering from spinal surgery.
Phil's racing days are over but he hopes to be able to at least ride a bike sometime in the near future.