Report by Geoff Gamage
Round 2 of 2021 Eurovets series at Exeter saw a delayed start for a couple of hours due to a fatal crash on the M5 in Somerset, luckily EV has no strict start times allowing flexibility therefore after various diversions through the Somerset countryside all the competitors and officials arrived to witness some explosive racing on a super fast track that stood up to the 46 races. Congratulations to all at Exeter and thanks for patience as well.

Was great to see some new faces back in the saddle again plus the standard of vets racing clearly getting higher throughout.
The 35/40 category saw Lukasz Nowacki go unbeaten in the qualifiers Craig Marchant dropping just a point. Mark Winwood and Kevin Burns making the A, strong performances from Mark Whitehead, Craig Whitehead and some typical dashes from Andrew Yard.

Whilst the O35 finals went with grid postitions the O40 saw Craig Whitehead take Mark for the B before A Final some blistering starts bought three re-runs before getting round the first bend, eventually Lukasz Nowacki survived to take the win from Mark Winwood with Kevin Burns holding of Craig Marchant's lunge.

Norman Venson and Dave Frith led the O50/ 60 round, Dave Murphy and a strong Steve Paver making the A in the 50, Norman taking the win from Dave Frith with Steve Paver passing Dave Murphy. The B Jason Keith took the win from Paddy Wenn , Ade Ryan and Alan Nation.
Lee Galley just missing a final likewise Andy Collett just one race each doing for them.

O35/40 scorers
Lukasz Nowacki 20, Craig Marchant 19, Mark Winwood 18, Kevin Burns 17, Mark Whitehead 16 Craig Whitehead 15 Andrew Yard 14 Paul Share 12 Dave Strong 12 Matt Davis 11 John Evans 9 Lukasz Kaczmarek 5 withdrew ill.

O35 A Final
Nowacki, Marchant , Winwood, Burns

O35 B Final
M.Whitehead, C.Whitehead, Yard, Share

O40 A Final
Nowacki. Winwood. Burns. Marchant

O40 B Final
C.Whitehead. M Whitehead. Share. Yard

O50 / 60
Norman Venson 19, Dave Frith 19. Dave Murphy 17 .Steve Paver 16. Alan Nation 15. Paddy Wenn 15 Jason Keith 15. Ade Ryan 13. Lee Galley 12. Andy Collett 11. Stuart Marsh 11
Pete Sadler 9. Chris Ward 9. Steve Clarke 7. Paul Matthews 6.

O50 A final
Venson.Frith.Paver Murphy

O50 B Final
Keith. Wenn.Ryan.Nation

Murphy.Collett.Ward Clarke
Sadler awarded jt 4th admin error.