What a day, and it had a nailbiting finish!

I'm hoping someone out there will post a decent account somewhere so I can borrow it for the sake of completeness. I've had issues remembering enough to do these meetings justice in the last year or two. Meanwhile let me present the nitty gritty - the programmes and final result tables.

Another successful season of Old Mens' Racing, and once again the core included a solid turnout by the magnificent Leicester riders, joined this year by the equally amazing Exeter crew and a slightly more compact Newport select. Well done to all of you for your efforts and support, and of course Paddy and Glyn hauled themselves around for the whole year from the opposite corner.

The current complexities of sorting out the top four for each of the finals will need to be addressed after Glyn and Jason tied on points, a common enough situation in recent years, with the Norwich man graciously accepting the final decision but also having plenty of grounds for complaint. It's always a real headache for Fred who really has enough on his plate on match day, so we'll need to nail down a permanent solution before we kick off in 2023. All suggestions welcome!


I'll restart my argument against gate exclusions over the winter when other changes are expected, but meantime study this to see how a Championship could easily have been lost today!