I should first mention that there was an anomaly in this one - that of three lady riders and one male Junior taking part, the result of overlap from the previous day's Home International across on the opposite coast at Fife. It didn't make sense to just keep these folk hanging around so we managed (aka Fred Rothwell and Geoff Gamage managed!) to squeeze them into the programme. Following the young man's very unfortunate crash and resultant broken wrist I doubt if we'll be doing that part again but there is an outside chance of us incorporating Women's racing into the schedule if there's a taste for it. You may also notice an Old Git riding in the Over 35/40s programme as well as the ladies - that was a volunteer to keep the overall entry workable. And nice to see another face added to the clan, this time my Edinburgh Falcons teammate Ewan Tulloch.

I'm hoping someone will offer their overall thoughts and the odd photograph so hang on a while for that. Meanwhile here are the results of the Geordie Jury :)


**couple of quotes from FB:

Geoff Gamage

It showed why Eurovets runs better outside BC, that is nothing against them but we would be too restricted in groups, age cats, formulas etc. to make any round work without the freedom to adapt to who is there on the day. I believe the formulas we use works, the extra race for the 9 man one etc. is now the norm, tbf the riders also play a big part in accepting the way we run it too. Fred Rothwell and I seem to have a knack now, racing was great and the girls played their part too. Was great to see the Scottish Eurovets family a brilliant week end inc. the Home International at Fife.

Fred Rothwell

Couldn’t agree more with Geoff’s sentiments, it makes it an absolute pleasure to be part of the set up. I will add my thanks to each and everyone of the Glasgow club for making us all welcome and putting on a super raffle which raised over £100 for our charity fund raising.

Special mention to Bob Prince and Stuart Raven, tremendous shifts put in on centre green and start grid.

So nice to see Chic on a track again and thanks to Heather for providing the medals.

Finish on a sad note, Harvey has suffered a broken wrist in his ‘off’, I’m sure we all wish him a speedy recovery, and a successful return to the track.