2018 Season Fixtures!

Sat. 31st March Round 1 Astley
Sat. 21st April Horspath Victorious GB Lions v Eurovets select PLUS support ind event for non test match riders.
Sat.12th May Newport Round 2
Sat.26th May Hellingly Round 3   
Sat. 9th June Coventry Round 4   
Sat. 23rd June BC Vets Club Championships at Astley
Sat. 7th July BC Vets Home International at Gt. Blakenham
Sat. 14th July Glasgow E.V. Championships (40s,50s & 60s) event to honour Chick...80 years of age!!!
Sat. 4th Aug Exeter Round 5   
Sun. 26th Aug BC British Vets Championships (40s,50s & 60s) at Bury.
Sat. 8th Sept Wednesfield Round 6  
Sat. 22nd Sept Hethersett Round 7  
Sat. 6th Oct. Leicester Round 8 Grand Finale  
7 scores from 8 rounds to count in series, 'count back' (or run-off?) to be used as necessary to settle equal points situations. This can be decided before each occasion it may arise on to ensure full or majority acceptance.
Fees same as last year....£20 for the series or £3 per round.
Separate entry fee for Glasgow event,as this is a stand alone event.

 *We'd like to thank all clubs for their support in promoting this years series of events, and apologize to those clubs not included....we will have to look more to a 2 year calendar ensuring those clubs not involved this year can be included next year.

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Next Stop 2018 - calling all Over 40s - let's see you all here!

With the Regional League fixtures just about ready and the British Championship calendar already sorted it won't be long before we can plan our 2018 season so keep watching on here and our Facebook page for updates.


Please see Standings page for overall winners and how they were decided.

Leicester Monarchs pull out all the stops at Grand Finale. Report above.

Hellingly delivers the goods! See report above.

Norwich Battle a triumph for all our Vets!

Some words, pictures and videos now available via links above, but what a fantastic advert for the Sport this was, and what a gritty display by the best bunch of "mature" racers in the World! Thanks to all at Norwich CSC for hosting such a successful event and well done to both teams for providing such a nailbiting atmosphere in tricky and tiring conditions. Congratulations to the British Lions on their narrow victory, kept seriously honest by the Orchid Euro-Vets team.

Well done Glasgow - a great meeting and DRY!

Pretty good turnout for this one, well done to all who mostly had a fair old trek to get there, but the winner was Orchid Fighting Male Cancer after a super raffle at the end of proceedings. In particular I'd like to thank Chic Mackie, that almost goes without saying, but more especially the ladies again whose catering was superb and very much appreciated by all the lads. With any luck there may be a short report on the proceedings coming along soon.

CONGRATULATIONS! Euro-Vets regulars storm the Brits!

Euro-Vets title favourite Paul Timms of Birmingham CSC has won the British Over 60s Championship at his first attempt, at East Park (Wolverhampton, Sunday 27th August). Runner-up was fellow E-V contender Phil Hemming of Wednesfield. Both riders scored 15 with Paul winning the run-off. Well done indeed lads. Poole's Rob Haywood who made an appearance at his home GP in 2015 finished third while home favourite and ex-champ Bob Prince took fourth place.

In the over 50s it was a perfect day for Maximum Man, Leciester's Norman Venson while Norfolk's favourite son, E-V joker-in-chief Paddy Wenn took second and another Northerner, Sheffield's Luke Morton was third.

The white-hot Over 40s saw a win for multiple Champion, the unbeaten Steve Harris who shared the rostrum with E-V regulars, Leicester pair Kev Burns and Mark Whitehead, those two also needing a run-off for podium slots. Bury's Paul Graham finished a superb fourth keeping the North's flag flying high, and we hope to see more of him in the GPs.

Hemsley is the Master in the Mud!

Birmingham's Orchid Masters is a wet winner for the Euro-Vets with an unexpected guest. Details above.

Big Change for Euro-Vets Insurance Cover

After a couple of years with insurance support from TLI, 2017 sees a switch to Pro-Cycle Insurance based in Salisbury, Wiltshire. This follows a winter of searching around for a better deal for those taking part in the Euro-Vets competition, eventually resulting in a deal which will see an increasingly hefty behind-the-scenes paperwork overhead dramatically reduced from the burden it's become for Fred Rothwell over a full season. We look forward to a long and happy relationship with our new backers.



6th           May                    Northumbria
20th         May                    Stoke
10th         June                   Coventry
1st           July                     East London
22nd        July                     Newport
5th           August                Birmingham - Orchid Masters Individual Knockout Competition (Age Group one-off Champions on the day - No GP points awarded)
2nd          September         Glasgow
16th         September         NorwichWizards of Oz v Stay-at-Home Vets team challenge (not part of GP points series)
30th         September         Hellingly
14th         October              Leicester - GRAND FINALE

Remember, the plan is to stage 8 GP rounds where you drop your lowest score (so only 7 counting), plus the Knockout Individual and Euro-Vets v Lions meetings. 


Please DO NOT renew or purchase your first TLI Licence, we now have alternative insurance cover from another organisation for the 2017 Series. Apologies to anyone who may have already done this (TK has!). 

On behalf of all of us I must offer a huge vote of thanks to the indomitable Fred Rothwell who continues to deliver the goods and enable the whole thing for all of us to enjoy, including for 2017 a much better insurance deal. I wish I could find the words to make him cringe with embarrassment because he so very much deserves the highest praise, sickly or not!

Fred doesn’t work in solitary though, he has the ever-willing Norman Venson and Mick Knowles to back him up when required and they do a great job in support.

More thanks are due to the clubs who put us on their fixture list, their hard working secretaries and ground crews and anyone who chipped in along the way. While 2017 looks great, roll on 2018 for even more, BE THERE!

I'd also like to give a shout out for 2015/2017 World Veterans Champion Craig Marchant who's never off Facebook trying to lever some other ex-rider out of retirement or promoting the next event for us, a real credit to the cause.



yes - YOU!

If you are reading this then you must still have some sort of attachment to Short Tracking whether you'd like to admit it or not. Therefore, if you've never turned a wheel in our fantastic Grand Prix series or you have but not too many times, then why not take the plunge this year by entering at least one round, maybe your local one to start with? You'll be doing the Sport a great favour, having a really enjoyable few laps amongst our much travelled troupe of regulars, get a laugh or two, maybe do some catching up with old friends and/or adversaries and just have a great day out. It doesn't matter what your current ability is, middle-age is the only qualification required and you'll be welcomed wholeheartedly.

If you are over 40 before New Year's Eve 2017 then we'd love to see you on track this year at one of our Grand Prix events.

New, current or ex-rider - you are all most welcome to join our friendly Racing for Grown-Ups circuit. Over 40s race 39 to 49 year olds and ditto the other two age groups although you are allowed to compete against younger opposition unless there are no spaces in the day's programme. We'd love to see some new or old faces taking part this year, and in doing so you are not only helping prolong the life of the Sport but also helping boost its media coverage which is no bad thing these days. There's absolutely no pressure and a genuine air of calm in the pits. And of course there's the feelgood factor of supporting our chosen charities which we've been quite successful at. We'd really appreciate your presence at at least one round, but if you could manage a couple or more that would be fantastic, so take a look at our 2016 fixtures (link above) and start planning a ride or nine! We are not governed by British Cycling so you don't need one of their expensive race licences but there is the inevitable insurance cover which costs just a few quid - much more palatable.

For new, "mature" riders just coming into the Sport, this is the best introduction you could get. See our minimal rules and requirements further down this page.


Welcome to the Euro-Vets web site, destined we hope to become the definitive guide to charitable Short Track Racing for the Over 40's.

If you're old enough you're good enough!

We run a series of events annually taking in all regions of the UK and generally, but not strictly, rotating the venues year-on-year. The series provides an opportunity for all Over-40 racers to continue enjoying the Sport under friendly, hospitable and generally more level conditions when they otherwise may be starved out of regular competition by the Little Ones (under 40s!!!). The overriding theme is one of enjoyment and Gentlemanly conduct but rest assured there are no easy races with the spirit of rivalry fully maintained and openly displayed. We do, however, take pride in the somewhat lower rate of attrition suffered through on-track incidents than in most or all other levels of the Sport.

Who does What?

There are three age categories to keep the racing as fair as possible while providing superb entertainment within a spirit of friendly competitiveness not generally associated with regular Short Track events:

  • Over 40
  • Over 50
  • Over 60

The Over 40 category is for riders already aged 40 or to be so in the year of competition. The Over 50 and Over 60 categories follow this same rule.

Membership of TLI is required, for which you receive a credit card type race licence and in 2015 this costs just £10 for the full season. If you turn up on the day there is a £5 fee to pay for a day licence, so it's well worrth jumping over to TLI's web site and registering online if you intend to do a couple of meetings.

Meeting Format 

Because of the nation-wide nature of our Sport and it's widely distributed venues, it can never be known exactly how many competitors may turn up at any single event. It is therefore not uncommon to find that we have to integrate one or more age groups in order to produce a workable race meeting. Given such adverse conditions it is a regular feature for the Over 50 and Over 60 riders to be grouped together in a single match, and it has even been known for the whole of those present to compete against each other whichever group they belong in, but hopefully this will remain a rarity. Conversely, we've had to suffer the odd series of repêchage races where there have been too many contestants for the normal formulae to work properly  and some dilution was required!

When the event is run along these now familiar lines, the two matches are run independently but intertwined, so Over 40s Heat One is followed by Over 50s (/60s) Heat One, etc, etc.

Even so, the format retains a full set of Semi-Finals and Finals ("A" and "B") for each of the three age groups no matter how many riders turn up on the day with trophies normally awarded to the four "A" Finalists and usually provided by the staging Club as their contribution to ease the burden on the Orchid Fund.

Series points are collected and the Champion of each class is the highest scorer overall after the final round. Points are awarded as below:
"A" Final 1st: 25, 2nd: 23, 3rd: 22, 4th: 21
"B" Final 1st: 20, 2nd: 18, 3rd: 17, 4th: 16

*note you may drop your lowest score, or in other words only your top n-1 scores count towards the Championship!

You can contact our Main Man Fred Rothwell here: fredsemail or the Editor here: terrysemail

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