A cold and breezy but dry afternoon greeted the start of proceedings at Perry Hall for the initial four-group Euro-Vets meeting, the new setup now having an added category for Over 34 year olds in an attempt to boost numbers for the standard "Veteran" category. To kick it all off we welcomed Leicester's Nicky Whitehead and Spixworth's Craig Norton into the 35s fold, and that was just as well on a day when only FOUR genuine Over 40s turned up.

Before getting into the nitty-gritty, most of which I'll have forgotten anyway, let me say a big "Thank You" to Monarchs Stevie Hodgkinson, Chris Timms and Paul Heard who took on the major tasks of running the show which all went very smoothly and was a real credit to them. And although not a pizza eater or beer drinker myself, the afters they laid on were greatly appreciated by the rest of the E-V clan :)

The Over 50/60 turnout was very good and provided plenty of keen racing as always. Leicester CSC again provided a healthy contingent together with Newport and Northumbria who were joined by a solid selection of last year's older racers from the rest of the UK but even here quite a few of previous years' regulars were missing. The whole number thing will surely spawn another Facebook discussion on the best way forward.


I still haven't had time to see if any video was produced on PitCam, maybe later tonight (Monday). Meantime...