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meanwhile, here's an incomplete list of racers over the last few seasons and a few beyond that I remember or have discovered, in absolutely no sensible order.   2017 Champions.                                               

J Whiting
Fred Rothwell
Kevin Smith
C Mackie
M Aris
T Kirkup
J Graham
B Prince
D Baxter
N Carson
C Wheeler
B Hill
R Ellis
L Stevens
B Davidson
A Patterson
P Hemming
P Timms
C Simmons

J McLaughlin
S Hodgkinson
P Dyson
P Matthews
D Mould
K Marson
R Mawhood
J Wilson
P Fisher
C Gray
R Pyke
N Venson
S Woodroof
S Mullinder
M Parr
P Wenn
P Sadler
B Cartridge
C Rowles
J Alexander 
L Lawrence
I Lawrence
T Bowen
S Harvie
P Dalley
J Williams
D Hubble
M Burgess
J Sidwick
R Oliver
S Johnson
M Redpath
K Greaves
M Glover
R Haywood
K Oldham
G Morgan
JP Colback
M Griffiths
G Kemp
D Frith

M Winwood
M Hollebon
J Keith
D Meanley
P Chant
M Knowles
J Burke
J Collier
E Ridley
D Zagni
M Mulvey
A Knowles
W Aris
G Parr
T Grimes
Ga Brown
I Johnson
M Debnam
D Mitchell
S Webster
P Ingram
P Clark
M Newey
S Gray
N Magee
P Thompson
C Marchant
J Beuckmann
M Whitehead
E Thaw
K Burns
N Magee
A Johnson
R Tinsdale
S Gray
A Knowles
Z Parsons
C Burt
W Tipton
D Maxwell

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