Every year the travelling circus of the Euro-Vets tries to accumulate a decent amount of money to send to the Orchid Fighting Male Cancer charity. This is very dear to us and of course affects so many families in the UK and worldwide. We want to do our bit, as meagre as that may seem, to maybe help in some small way. Your support in this aim, whether by physically taking part in a meeting and supporting our fundraising raffles, or perhaps purchasing merchandise which we occasionally offer for sale will go a long way to helping us present a worthy sum at the end of the year. We thank all who have made donations of any kind in the past and look forward to your ongoing support.




Euro-Vets.uk supports 3318news.co.uk, the beating heart of Cycle Speedway. 



It's always nice to gain some sort of reward, or at least a memento of your success, and to this end the Euro-Vets have been well served by Dash Trophies of Wolverhampton where you'll find a vast range of awards of all imaginable types to suit either Cycle Speedway or any other sport. Try them first and insist on a discount because you know us!!!